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Apple boasts of improved cameras, enhanced performance in re-released 'iPad 4'

Tuesday March 18, 2014

In re-launching the fourth-generation iPad with Retina display starting at $399 on Tuesday, Apple delivered a dramatic upgrade at that price point over the legacy iPad 2, with the company highlighting the improved cameras and enhanced performance it now offers at that price point.

Apple patents iPhone camera remote control with display, asynchronous notifications

Tuesday March 18, 2014

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday granted Apple a patent for a wireless accessory that can control an iPhone's camera functions, allowing users to preview, snap and review photos remotely.

Apple replaces iPad 2 with 4th-gen iPad, leaves original iPad mini as only non-Retina iOS device

Tuesday March 18, 2014

Coming minutes after the 8GB iPhone 5c launched in the UK, Apple on Tuesday officially discontinued the iPad 2, replacing the long-standing entry-level tablet with a 16GB version of the fourth-generation iPad.

Apple releases cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c on UK carrier O2 [u]

Tuesday March 18, 2014

Apple on Tuesday released an 8GB version of its mid-tier iPhone 5c handset on UK carrier O2, bringing the plastic-backed smartphone into the sub-$100 price range in a possible bid to stave off flagging sales.

Apple supplier Pegatron rumored to start 'iPhone 6' production in Q2

Tuesday March 18, 2014

A report out of the Far East on Tuesday claims Pegatron has started recruitment operations for a new plant in China that will supposedly start manufacturing Apple's next-gen iPhone in the second quarter.

Former Apple marketing exec talks Steve Jobs, Apple as product 'launch machine'

Monday March 17, 2014

In an interview from September, former Apple marketing vice president Allison Johnson discusses working in an environment where the words "branding" and "marketing" were frowned upon, especially by company cofounder Steve Jobs.

Microsoft Office for iPad to reportedly debut as soon as Mar. 27 [u]

Monday March 17, 2014

A report on Monday claims Microsoft's long-awaited Office for iPad may hit the App Store as soon as Mar. 27, as CEO Satya Nadella is expected to announce the app during a scheduled "mobile first, cloud first" press event next week.

Apple ends Windows 7 support in Boot Camp for new Mac Pro

Monday March 17, 2014

Professional Mac users who depend on Apple's Boot Camp to run legacy Windows applications may need to reconsider upgrading to the latest Mac Pro as Apple has dropped support for Windows 7 on the redesigned desktop.

Mac education sales have grown in US since iPad debut, weakening Apple cannibalization worries

Monday March 17, 2014

The Mac's long history of success in the education market hasn't been slowed by the introduction of Apple's more affordable iPad, as Mac sales to schools and students have instead grown since the iPad first launched in 2010.

Apple now charging for some online chat support, rates cheaper than phone support

Monday March 17, 2014

Apple has begun rolling out changes to its online chat support service that will require some customers to pay a per-incident fee, though the new policies could result in lower costs for those who might otherwise dial the company's telephone support line.

Google Play Games cross-platform multiplayer comes to iOS, stepping up competition with Apple's Game Center

Monday March 17, 2014

Multiplayer support in Google Play Games has gone multi-platform, with a new software development kit that allows gamers to compete with one another while playing titles on Apple's iOS, as well as Android and the Web.

Microsoft releases free OneNote information organizer on Apple's Mac App Store

Monday March 17, 2014

Microsoft on Monday released an all-new Mac OS X edition of its popular OneNote application for free on the Mac App Store, taking the venerable digital notebook cross-platform amid stiff competition from Silicon Valley startup Evernote.

ACC Sports joins Apple TV channel lineup with game highlights, insider programming

Monday March 17, 2014

With the teams for NCAA March Madness now set to take the court, a new ACC Sports channel, representing one of the top basketball conferences in the country, has launched on the Apple TV.

Big-screen 'iPhone 6' predicted to drive massive upgrades, draw switchers from Android to Apple

Monday March 17, 2014

If Apple were to launch a redesigned iPhone with a screen size around 5 inches this year, it would become the "motherlode of all upgrade cycles" for the company, helping to reaccelerate year over year growth, one analyst believes.

Rumor: Apple to launch lower-capacity 8GB iPhone 5c this week

Monday March 17, 2014

Apple is said to be planning the introduction of a new, 8-gigabyte variant of the iPhone 5c -- possibly as soon as this week -- in what could be a bid to turn around flagging sales of the plastic-backed device.

Apple's Ive describes struggle for perfection in interview, calls copycat designs 'theft'

Monday March 17, 2014

In an interview published on Sunday, Apple SVP of Design Jony Ive lifted a corner to Apple's veil of secrecy, offering a peek into his process of "making" and how an Apple product stands apart from other designs.

Review: iQi Mobile wireless charging adapter for Apple's iPhone

Sunday March 16, 2014

As iPhone owners clamor for a way to cut the final cord, AppleInsider went hands-on with Fonesalesman's new iQi wireless charging adapter to test if the promising charging technology is ready for the spotlight.

Steve Jobs believed HDTVs were a 'terrible business,' saw Apple TV set as unlikely, new book reveals

Sunday March 16, 2014

Before his death, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs reportedly said in a meeting with his top 100 employees that he didn't believe the company would ever release a television set, due to low margins and infrequent user upgrades.

Review: DJI Phantom 2 Vision, a high-end iPhone-compatible flying camera drone

Saturday March 15, 2014

With the iPhone-connected drone craze in full effect, AppleInsider decided to put to the test one of the most advanced, Apple-friendly prosumer aerial cameras available today: the DJI Phantom 2 Vision.

The many (alleged) lives of Microsoft's Office for iOS

Friday March 14, 2014

An iOS adaptation of Microsoft's ubiquitous Office productivity suite is ready to go pending the approval of new CEO Satya Nadella, according to a recent report, but we've heard this story before.