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Apple's renamed 'Apple Music Festival' set to kick off in London on Sept. 19 with Connect tie-ins

Tuesday August 18, 2015

Apple on Tuesday local London time announced start dates for its upcoming UK-based Apple Music Festival, née iTunes Festival, as well as an initial set list including headliners Pharrell Williams, One Direction, Florence + The Machine and Disclosure.

USPTO finds Apple iPhone design patent invalid in court fight against Samsung

Monday August 17, 2015

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month found an iPhone design patent successfully leveraged by Apple against Samsung in its first court action invalid on multiple counts, bringing Apple's $548 million damages award into question.

Slack CEO denigrates Apple's Siri in announcing work on own team-serving virtual assistant

Monday August 17, 2015

Slack Technologies founder and CEO Stewart Butterfield on Monday revealed plans to invest in artificial intelligence with an eye on virtual assistant tech for work groups, while calling Apple's solution "nearly useless."

Apple's online store services down for some users [u]

Monday August 17, 2015

Users of Apple's online store services, which include iTunes, the iOS and Mac App Stores, the iBooks Store and Volume Purchase Program assets, saw unexpected outages on Monday due to an as-yet-unknown problem.

German 'iPhone 6s' launch pegged for Sept. 18, in line with Apple's usual release schedule

Monday August 17, 2015

German carriers are reportedly preparing to launch Apple's next flagship handset -- typically known as the "iPhone 6s" -- on Sept. 18, a date in line with a rumored press event earlier in the month.

Entry into $34B console gaming market seen as largest opportunity for new Apple TV

Monday August 17, 2015

Though the new Apple TV isn't expected to have a streaming subscription service available at launch, that's not a problem for investment firm J.P. Morgan, who believes the device's real selling point will be an App Store with traditional console-style videogames.

Rumor: Apple's upcoming A9-series chips benchmarked, show 20-30% jump over A8

Monday August 17, 2015

A graph that purports to show GeekBench 3 scores for Apple's anticipated A9-series application processors paints a picture of significant performance improvements, beating out even Samsung's latest 8-core chips.

Apple supplier LG Display to spend $8.5B on OLED technology

Monday August 17, 2015

Korea's LG Display on Monday announced plans to spend 10 trillion won, or about $8.5 billion U.S., during the next three years on developing OLED technology, some of which could find its way into Apple hardware.

Sprint's new 'iPhone Forever' plan charges monthly fee for automatic device upgrades

Monday August 17, 2015

U.S. carrier Sprint on Monday launched "iPhone Forever," a monthly fee plan designed to ensure a subscriber always has the latest iPhone model, available for a limited time at a discounted price.

First Belgian Apple Store could open in Brussels on Sept. 19

Monday August 17, 2015

Apple's first-ever Belgian store will reportedly open in Brussels on Saturday, Sept. 19, potentially just in time for the release of new iPhones and a new Apple TV.

Apple prepping first Australian dollar-denominated bond offering - report

Monday August 17, 2015

Apple will reportedly continue to diversify its corporate debt issuance strategy with a new bond denominated in Australian dollars, the company's latest move to raise debt outside the United States in order to fund its growing capital return program.

Best Buy to offer AppleCare and AppleCare+ warranties ahead of 'iPhone 6s' launch

Monday August 17, 2015

Electronics retailer Best Buy has inked a deal with Apple to begin selling authorized warranty extensions for its products, and employees have been told that the new addition will be announced to the public on Sept. 10.

Interchange fees, hubris key challenges to Australian Apple Pay rollout

Monday August 17, 2015

Apple is reportedly facing pushback as it tries to roll out Apple Pay in Australia, as major banks in the region are reluctant to cede a slice of the AU$2 billion they take in with interchange fees in exchange for technology some say is already available in the country.

Dr. Dre's 'Compton' album hits 25M streams on Apple Music in first week

Sunday August 16, 2015

Hip-hop icon Dr. Dre's much-awaited album "Compton: A Soundtrack" was streamed 25 million times during its first week of availability, driving nearly half a million paid downloads on iTunes over the same period.

New Apple Music TV spots market mission statement, individual musicians

Sunday August 16, 2015

Apple on Sunday premiered three new TV ads for Apple Music on its YouTube channel, with one focusing on the meaning behind the service and two concentrating on specific artists.

Apple might be 'named and shamed' in Australia for avoiding taxes

Sunday August 16, 2015

Apple, Google and other large multinational corporations conducting operations in Australia might soon see their annual tax payments made public as a result of a government inquiry into corporate tax dodgers.

New privilege escalation exploit discovered in OS X Yosemite, also affects just-released 10.10.5

Sunday August 16, 2015

Just days after patching the DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE vulnerability with a new OS X point release, Apple's desktop operating system has been hit with yet another zero-day exploit that would allow an attacker to gain root access without using a password.

Apple to update Magic Mouse & wireless keyboard with Bluetooth LE, integrated batteries, FCC reveals

Saturday August 15, 2015

Two newly published filings with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission reveal that Apple is planning to release a new Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard with support for the power sipping Bluetooth Low Energy specification.

This week on AppleInsider: Self-driving Apple Cars, Apple TV plans, corporate diversity & more

Saturday August 15, 2015

Groundwork continued to be laid this week for Apple's rumored Sept. 9 press event, but the news that stole the show was the revelation that Apple is not only working on an electric car, but a self-driving one, as some had speculated.

Review: iHome iSP5 SmartPlug gives dumb appliances a brain

Friday August 14, 2015

Longtime "Made for iPhone" accessory maker iHome is diverting course from its bread-and-butter bedside alarm clock/radios toward the burgeoning connected home sector. Its first product, an app-connected, HomeKit-compatible smart plug called...SmartPlug, was released Thursday and AppleInsider has the review.