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Notes: Mac OS X 10.4.3, lead times, iTunes, China

Mac OS X 10.4.3

After providing Mac OS X developers with an initial pre-release software build of Mac OS X 10.4.3 last month, Apple has so far decided not to distribute newer builds to its Developer Connection members.

The last we heard, the company was working on build 8F16 of the Mac OS X Tiger update; Mac OS X 10.4.3 build 8F8 was the previously distributed build, making its debut in late July.

Apple is expected to release the software next month, along with its server counterpart, Mac OS X Server 10.4.3. Developers say the server update will deliver fixes and enhancements to operating system\'s mail, QuickTime, print and software update servers.

Other changes will reportedly target MySQL, the workgroup manager, Xgrid, NetBoot, Server Admin and Portable Home Directory.

PiperJaffray on lead times

This morning PiperJaffray analyst Gene Munster released his latest research note on Apple. In the note the analyst voiced his belief that extended lead times for the Power Mac G5 2.7 Dual and the Power Book G4 15\" Combo at the company\'s online store means \"Apple is winding down production of Macs with the G5 2.7, which has resulted in tighter supply of its Power Mac and PowerBooks at the Paris Expo in September.\"

iTunes on Nokia phones

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia said on Thursday it had no agreement with Apple for the iTunes music service to be included on its upcoming N91 multimedia phone.

Finnish daily Taloussanomat had earlier reported that Nokia would bring iTunes to the N91 model.

\"There is no commercial agreement between Nokia and Apple to integrate iTunes into the N-series devices,\" Kari Tuutti, spokesman for Nokia\'s multimedia division, told Reuters. \"But since this is based on a computer platform, anybody —including Apple if they so wish —can very easily develop this kind of application and offer it to consumers, via the Internet for example.\"

Tuutti went on to say, \"We are not making any exclusive arrangements with any music store, but believe that we want to give the consumer the choice of where they want to purchase their music.\"

Nokia is current the world\'s No. 1 maker of cell phone handsets.

Apple China reorganizing management

According to China\'s Interfax, Apple is \"currently adjusting its senior management team\" in the region. The company is said to have fired several senior managers in an effort to reinvigorate Apple China management.