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First 17-inch MacBook Pros land in users hands [photos]

The first of Apple Computer\'s new 17-inch MacBook Pro professional notebook began arriving in the hands of its US-based customers on Monday, tipsters tell AppleInsider.

One Mac user, who was among the first to place orders for the new notebook on April 24th, said his 17-inch MacBook arrived via FedEx on Monday.

The new notebook shipped to the user from Shanghai by way of Alaska.

Meanwhile, an Apple seminar posting making the rounds touts a May 10th event at a CompUSA location where attendees can \"hear about the most affordable iBook ever.\"

Though some tipsters have suggested the listing may foreshadow an introduction of new 13-inch MacBook consumer notebooks this week, it appears the seminar has been a reoccurring event at the Apple reseller ever since Apple introduced its new G4 iBooks.

According to industry sources, Apple began manufacturing the new MacBooks at its manufacturing facilities in the Far East a little over a week ago. These sources said the company remains on-track to introduce the new notebooks \"this month.\"

The MacBooks are expected to sport Core Duo processors from Intel Corp., come in more than one color and include such features as a completely magnetic latching system, built in iSight video camera, and MagSafe power adapter.

Each MacBook is also expected to come bundled with Apple\'s Front Row and PhotoBooth software applications.

The new notebooks will also retain a FireWire 400 port, addition to two USB ports, and ship inside stylish retail boxes that are only marginally thicker than the computers themselves.

Update: One early 17-inch MacBook Pro adopter has posted an image gallery with unpacking photos.