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Macworld: Apple's iPhone runs on chip from Intel

If our early reports that Apple's iPhone would run a variant of Mac OS X didn't give it away, Apple this week confirmed the device will employ a microchip from Intel Corp. at its core.

In a statement picked up by Reuters on Wednesday, an Apple Germany spokesman is quoted as confirming the news.

"The processor is from Intel," the spokesman said, declining to go into specifics.

Apple on Tuesday also confirmed that the world's largest chipmaker will play a central role in its forthcoming Apple TV product product, due to begin shipping sometime next month.

But as is the case with iPhone, Apple isn't yet commenting on which family of Intel chips will be used.

In related news, Retuers is also reporting that Balda will supply touch-screens for the iPhone.

Shares of the German company soared by as much as 10 percent after a company spokesperson confirmed the news.