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Apple expected to expand music presence with new device

The company responsible for \'saving music\' with the launch of the iPod digital music player is again poised to expand its presence in the arena, sources tell AppleInsider.

Apple computer is reportedly pouring R&D dollars into the development and testing of multiple devices that aim to further gel consumers with their digital and music lifestyles. One such device is rumored to be almost 2 years in the making, though it is currently unclear which of the company\'s many projects will result in a marketable product.

Nevertheless, multiple reports indicate a device that will allow consumers to wirelessly broadcast their iTunes play libraries--from an iPod or PC--to a home stereo, among other things. Details of the device are sketchy and confirmation has been marred by conflicting details from subsequent reports.

According to one statement, the company is said to be developing its own iTunes radio that will wirelessly stream iTunes and internet net radio data, and is rumored to be accompanied by a potential partnership with Bose.

Meanwhile, additional reports point to the potential release of multimedia hub that will perform the same functions, while also allowing for iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD content to be displayed on television screens. The device is said to connected wirelessly to any Macintosh on a rendezvous or AirPort network and will also be capable of digital video recording on an internal hard drive and media burning via a Super Drive.

The aforementioned project is said to have been in development and testing at Apple for at least 18 months, and could possibly represent the previously rumored Apple home appliance.

Introduction dates for a radically new Apple product have ranged in reports from April till later this Winter. The computer maker also has plans to continue its digital media player dominance with the roll-out of a 4th-generation iPod in the latter half of the year, sources said.