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iTunes 4.5 cripples DRM-stripping apps, iPod updater issues

Apple smashes DRM-removing apps

According to a handful of very preliminary reports, it appears that new Mac OS X code, which is included as part of the iTunes 4.5 installer, cripples the vast majority of DRM-removing applications that have surfaced in recent weeks.

"I just downloaded the freebie song from iTunes, by the Foo Fighters, and when I tried to pass it through iMovie or FairTunes, I received an error message stating that my computer was not authorized to play the song," one iTunes user said.

Successive reports indicate that users are seeing the same result when attempting to strip digital rights management code from iTunes files purchased prior to the release of the iTunes 4.5.

"I attempted to use FairTunes on a song that I purchased several months ago, and no dice--error messages galore."

Apparently, the new Apple code is incapable of disabling playback from iTunes files which have previously been stripped of their DRM. These files continue to function as unrestricted audio files, users say.

Over the past several weeks Apple has fought for the removal of DRM-stripping utilities, such as PlayFair and FairTunes, from the internet providers which hosted them.

Issues with iPod Updater and potential fix

Meanwhile, a significant number of iPod owners are reporting that Apple's latest iPod Updater may not be ready for prime time.

"Once I updated, my iPod would show up on the desktop, but not in the iTunes list of Playlists etc," one user said. "I even get a dialog box stating that there is new software to update my iPod but when I click 'OK', a new dialog box comes up stating that I have no iPod attached."

Several users in Apple's support forums are reporting identical issues, and noting that their iTunes applications will launch automatically after the update but then fail to recognize the iPod.

According to a handful of unconfirmed reports, updating to QuickTime 6.5.1 will eliminate these issues.