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New Player to Enter iMac Upgrade Market

A new player is scheduled to enter the iMac processor upgrade market sometime later this week. According to sources, PowerLogix —a well known Macintosh upgrade company —is set to announce a new set of iMac processor upgrades, and has additional upgrade products for Apple's mobile space not far behind.

The company's iMac upgrades will apparently debut in two separate speeds: The low-end upgrade will be muscled by a 400MHz G3 processor with a 512K 200MHz backside cache, while the high-end upgrade will boast 500MHz of processing power with a 1MB 200MHz backside cache, sources said.

While pricing is not official until the release of the product, sources say to expect the retail price of the high-end card to fall near $459, with the 400MHz version falling in at about $279.

Aside from the iMac upgrades, which are due sooner than later, the company has also been working on a pair of processor upgrades for Apple's Pro Portable line of PowerBooks.

Both upgrades, currently in their late developmental phases, appear to be powered by 500MHz G3 processors; one with a 1MB backside cache and the other with a 512K.

These forthcoming PowerBook upgrades from PowerLogix will differ from competitors such as Newer Technologies, as the user won't have to exchange their original Apple daughter-card in to PowerLogix.

Sources are claiming that these PowerBook upgrades are currently still under development and may surface around Macworld NY next month.