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Microsoft Office 2001 For Mac Turns Golden Master

According to anonymous sources, the Macintosh Business Unit over at Microsoft has recently declared that the code for Microsoft Office 2001 is now golden. Golden Master is the status name given to a piece of software that is ready to be duplicated and shipped to customers.

Microsoft Office 2001 for the Macintosh will include new versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as a new e-mail and personal information manager that the company will officially call "Entourage 2001." Each of the applications features a hefty interface facelift and feature set enhancement, sources said, but the four applications in the office suite will also boast a number of shared features.

Acting as a root of the office suite, Entourage will allow users to access the information in their Entourage Address Book and Reminders repositories through any of the three other office applications. Additionally, all of the applications in Office 2001 are now tightly integrated with the company's Encarta World Dictionary.

A new Office Clipboard will reportedly allow users to copy multiple items to the clipboard at the same time and paste them into any Office application. The suite will also provide for direct, live formatting of documents using the Property Browser in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, sources said.

Microsoft has apparently compiled over 400 new professionally designed templates for use by both small business and home users. Users will apparently have the option of installing these templates from the Microsoft Office 2001 Value Pack.

According to sources, there will be approximately a two month layover period where microsoft will prep and hype the release of Office 2001 for the Mac. Retail versions of the product are expected to debut sometime in October of this year.