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Next Generation V'Ger G4 Processors May See Delays

Some sources say that Apple has plans of unveiling a new series of Power Mac G4s, next month, which will max-out at 650MHz and come in dual processor configurations, as well. However, reliable information from sources within Apple's chip suppliers warns that quantities of the next majorly revised G4 chip may not be sufficient enough to meet demand, leaving Apple to run with over-clocked PowerPC 7410 chips —the same ones currently being tested in prototypes of Apple's G4 PowerBook.

This next major revision to the G4 processor goes by the code-name V'Ger and is expected to increase the speed of the PowerPC processor between 600-800MHz, while running cooler than current versions of the G4 chip due to the use of copper processor technology. But the most exciting feature of V'Ger will be its two embedded AltiVec units, as opposed to the one shipping on current revisions of the 7400 G4 chip.

Earlier this year, there were projections that Motorola was on target to ship ample supplies of the new V'Ger chips to Apple for Power Macs that would hit the market during the first calendar quarter of 2001, followed by the release of an even faster 'Apollo' chip come years end. Now, sources say that while there is a possibility that V'Ger chips may ship earlier, Motorola's most recent target date for the chips is next June.

Apollo, which is said to be the new code-name for the chip that was originally tagged 'Goldfish,' is what Apple sources say the company will attempt to base its first series of Quad-Processor Power Mac G4 on. "The goal is to debut a Power Mac Quad G4 running with four 1GHz —for a total of 4000MHz —by early 2002," sources said.

Meanwhile, test units of Apple's next Power Mac G4 systems have begun to pop up in recent weeks leading up to Macworld Expo. Additional details on these machines are forthcoming and should be published within the week.