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Apple to Offer G4 iMacs

Everyone's favorite fruit company does indeed have plans to offer G4 powered iMac personal computers, sources confirmed today.

Apple originally had intentions of packing the more powerful microprocessors in the current line of iMacs that were introduced last summer, but high demand for the faster chips, coupled with steep prices and short supply —due to manufacturing issues —eventually altered the computer maker's game-plan.

According to reliable sources, come February, the company will continue to produce a low-end iMac model that will sport a speedy G3 and a standard CD-Readable drive. The unit will continue to sell for below $800, and act as Apple's entry-level consumer desktop. However, the real advancements will be made to the more pricey models.

A mid-ranged iMac is said to sport a revised 7400 G4 processor, and a slot loading CD-RW drive. Previously Apple has been including DVD drives in its more expensive iMac units, though consumer demand has been waving in favor of recordable CD technology. Apple has most recently responded by packing CD-RW and hybrid CD-RW/DVD drives in their Power Mac G4 computers and releasing iTunes —the company's free MP3 playback and CD recording software —to go along with it.

Apple's new top-of-the-line iMac is said to sport an even faster G4 processor and will continue to include a drive capable of DVD playback, sources said. The company has apparently produced test units sporting hybrid CD-RW/DVD drives, though it is currently unknown if pricing of the dual functionality drives will allow them to be included without setting consumers back more than $1499.

A slightly revised logic-board, capable of accepting G4-based processors, is rumored to rest inside current test units, which sport nothing more than generic, colorless enclosures. Alterations to the finalized units color offerings are rumored, but unconfirmed at this time.

As always, further information will be published when it becomes available.