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Apple Begins AppleWorks OS X Port

Microsoft is not the only company with plans to produce an office applications suite for Mac OS X, as Apple has recently succeeded in compiling a version of AppleWorks for their next-generation operating system.

That's right, AppleWorks lives on with Mac OS X, as the company seeded AppleWorks 6.0.6d6 to their internal employees last week.

AppleWorks 6.0.6 on OS X

Just a Port for Now

The AppleWorks 6.0.6 application appears only to be a port for now, as the application's functionality and interface is identical to the version that shipped for Mac OS X. Currently save dialogs still open in separate windows and the application's floating palettes still sport platinum borders.

AppleWorks 6.0.6 on Toolbar

Sources are unsure whether the application will gain any new features before its initial release, but did state that the current interface is extremely preliminary and much work still remains to bring the release up to Mac OS X standards. "Most of this will take place in the late developmental stages and early alpha stages, sources sad.

The release is currently in developmental version 7 and is not expected to debut for some time.