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More iCal 1.5 Features Emerge as iSync, Safari Updates Near Final

Despite some claims of iCal 1.5 completion, the development team has steadily progressed onward over the past two weeks. The major upgrade to Apple's multifunctional desktop calendar currently resides at build number 600 and is just shy of completion.

In addition to the numerous enhancements listed in last week's report, sources have chimed in to detail further iCal 1.5 features. Apparently, user's of version 1.5 will be able to "Snooze" alarm clock events and jump to event info from the alarm dialog. Additionally, alarms can be added to iCal 1.5's 'To Do' items, and can trigger Apple scripts that begin playing songs from an iTunes library.


The new version of iCal will allow users to publish and subscribe to calendars on servers that are located behind a firewall of require the use of a proxy server, sources added. Other nifty additions include customized calendar colors and keyboard shortcuts to edit multiple events at the same time.

Meanwhile, the company's development of iSync 1.2 and Safari 1.1 has slowed almost to a halt, giving credence to rumors that these applications are now stable. Both apps have appeared with same build numbers (94, and 112, respectively) over the last several Mac OS X 10.3 Panther seeds. Though according to sources, Safari 1.1 is currently incompatible with Pre-Panther builds.

iChat AV also appears to be final.