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New Cinema Displays in November?

Yesterday afternoon an AppleInsider reader submitted a tip that may provide a new lead on Apple Cinema Display revisions. A recent Apple Store order for a new PowerBook G4 and 23" Cinema Display (with an accompanying DVI to ADC adaptor) resulted in some interesting delivery dates.

While the built-to-order 15" PowerBook is scheduled to arrive in 3 to 5 business days, the order status reflects an 'Early November' ship date for the 23" Cinema Display. According to the reader, "the Apple rep said this prolonged shipping date most likely indicates a revised display casing to match the new G5s."

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Apple Store 23" HD Cinema Display Status

As of Wednesday evening, the Apple Online Store still displayed 'Same Business Day' shipping for the current line of Cinema Displays. However, as early Power Mac G5 adopters will tell you, these dates are not always as accurate as they seem.

In August, Apple Europe and Apple Canada cut prices across the Cinema Display product line. Last week reported that had slashed the price of the 23" Cinema display to from $1999.99 to $1879.99.

New displays have been rumored since the introduction of the Power Mac G5. According to sources, the revised LCDs will be even brighter than the current line, sport a USB 2.0 hub and prove to be more versatile for graphic designers.

Update: This delay appears to be specific to the Apple DVI to ADC adaptor, though new displays are still rumored to appear sometime in the next 5 months.