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Momentum product brief references Power PC 970FX

A product brief for Momentum's 'Maple' evaluation system appears to be one of the first documents to reference IBM's new 90-nanometer Power PC chip as the Power PC 970FX. Momentum is a technology-driven firm specializing in quick-turnaround design & delivery of standard and custom Single Board Computers.

"The Momentum Computer Maple Evaluation System and board is a reference design and software development platform for the IBM PowerPC 970FX processor and CPC925 Bridge. The baseboard is an ATX form factor and contains two 970FX processors that can operate up to 2.4GHz," according to the document which was obtained by AppleInsider sources.

Momentum Product Brief

Apple's recently announced Xserve G5 systems make use of the same revision of the 970 processor, but reference this chip only as the 90-nm Power PC G5. The Momentum document corroborates reports pertaining to the chip's official name as well as expected clock speeds that include 2.4GHz and possibly a 2.6GHz flavors.

Imminent revisions to Apple's Power Mac line of G5 computers have been rumored to sport configurations featuring dual Power PC 970FX chips at speeds of up to 2.4 or 2.6GHz. Sources have previously stated that the units could debut any time on or after January 20th, which is today. Consecutive mumblings have hinted that January 24th, which marks the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh, could bear the results of multiple Apple hardware endeavors.