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Wednesday, January 28, 2004, 06:00 am PT (09:00 am ET)

Apple previews Pepsi iTunes Super Bowl ad

Following last week's USA Today story detailing Pepsi's 'I Fought the Law' iTunes Super Bowl ad, Apple has decided to provide its own preview of the highly anticipated spot.


"This groundbreaking ad, featuring 16 real-life teenagers who were sued by the recording industry for illegally downloading music from the Internet, shows music fans a new way to freely and legally download music—the Pepsi iTunes 100 Million Song Giveaway. The commercial is set to Green Day's version of "I Fought the Law.""


The Pepsi iTunes ad will be just one of five new commercials for Pepsi and Sierra Mist that will be airing in the first, second and third quarters of Super Bowl XXXVIII. "Crossroads" and "Mountain Men" are two of the other spots that will promote the soft drink, while "Bagpipes and "Fire Escape" will focus on the company's new Sierra Mist lemon-lime soda.


As a courtesy to the media and analysts, Apple has provided a handful of screen shots from the upcoming commercial, all of which can be seen above. The company has also plastered a teaser for the ad spot across its Website at