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Apple Retail makeover and Marriott hotels

A number of Apple retail locations may soon shed their use of traditional paper imagery in favor of dynamic video-display screens to promote products around the store. According to at least two accounts, select Apple locations have begun to receive shipments of pre-constructed wall-displays. One of these furnishings was said to measure approximately 12-feet by 4-feet and include two side-by-side 30-inch plasma screens. It's unlikely that these plasma displays have any relevance to the rumored Apple 30-inch HD Cinema display, which has yet to surface.

Meanwhile, one AppleInsider notes that Apple's 12-inch PowerBook and Mac OS X software are being featured in a recent commercial promoting high-speed internet access in Marriott hotels. "[..] The hotel room has a Powerbook, looks like 12-inch aluminum, with an iSight attached. There's a close-up on the screen, and OS X windows and menus are clearly seen, and also some third-party video chat software with the Marriott logo and name, and a window open with the guys wife talking to him."

Update: According to a new report, "Apple stores around the country will be getting a makeover in the Genius Bar section specifically. Each genius bar will have two plasma screens, which will first and foremost list the queue of visitors to the Bar.They also have a wide range of other uses, which have yet to be decided on by the Retail hierarchy."

The makeovers are set to take place in the next month or so, according to the source.