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Some truth to Apple home appliance rumors?

A Macworld UK article covering ExtremeTech\'s analysis of Apple\'s lack of presence in the living-room, includes an interesting quote from Apple\'s iPod worldwide product marketing manager Danika Cleary.

\"One potential area of product development for iPod peripherals is connectivity in the home – to stereos, speakers. I think there\'s a lot of opportunity for getting iPod music around the home.\"

The previously unpublished comment may lend some support to a recent rumors that Apple is planning to expand its music presence with new device in the home.

Recent reports have indicated that company has been toying with prototypes of a multimedia hub that would potentially allow Mac users to integrate their iLife and iTunes content with home entertainment systems. Similar tips also suggest the Apple device could allow wireless iTunes music sharing between the home stereo and accessible devices over a Rendezvous or AirPort network.