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Notes: Low inventory of Displays, Xserve G5, McDonald's

Sources: Low Display Inventory
According to an unconfirmed anonymous submission, Apple's largest distributor, Ingram Micro, is showing low inventory of all Apple LCD displays.

Reportedly, Apple has also asked resellers for a current inventory report, which is due by the end of business Tuesday, March 23rd.

New Apple HD Cinema displays have been rumored for an introduction alongside revised Power Macs, while a completely new iMac G5 product-line is said to be in-line for a release anytime after the start of April.

Xserve G5 Shipping in some Quantity
Meanwhile, it appears that the company's new enterprise-level Xserve G5 servers are shipping in significant quantities. While earlier reports indicated that units had shipped to some of the first paying customers, subsequent submissions state that Xserve G5s have also shipped to those who made purchases in the first week of March.

McDonalds's Promotions
Following up on a earlier report by the LA Times, a Reuters article claims that both Sony and McDonald's declined to comment on the rumored partnership. But the article goes on to state that the restaurant chain acknowledged it is exploring tie-ins with a variety of companies" in the areas of music, sports, fashion and entertainment."