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Apple begins inventory clearing promo

As expected, today Apple began a promotion to clear inventory of Apple Cinema Display's and Power Mac G5's.

"Between March 28, 2004, and June 26, 2004, purchase a Power Mac G5 and a 23-inch Cinema HD Display at the same time — and get $500 back by mail," reads a segment of the Apple online store.

The 'Brilliant Savings' promo requires that both the CPU and 23-inch monitor be purchases at the same time, and and charges for both appear on the same receipt.

Suspiciously, the deal runs out just two days prior to this year's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). At last years WWDC, Apple introduced the Power Mac G5 product-line. The company has failed to revise the Power Mac line since that time almost a year ago, with the exception of a configuration swap in late-2003 to better cater to public demand.