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Notes: New Mac OS X and Cocoa features at WWDC; ProCare update

New Mac OS X and Cocoa Features
In June, attendees at Apple's WWDC keynote address will most likely be treated to a demonstration of Apple's next major operating system update. In the conference sessions that follow, the company will focus on some of the individual component advancements of the system.

Some topics that will reportedly be covered are: new Mac OS X networking and Speech capabilities, QuickTime audio architecture enhancements, Xcode updates and a new and easier ways for developers to manage user interfaces in Cocoa applications. New developments in Quartz 2D, the 2D graphics engine responsible for transparency, anti-aliasing, and PDF support, will also be disclosed.

The next release of the Mac OS will also sport a number of new Cocoa features and APIs pertaining to user controls, drawing and graphics, accessibility, and document architecture. And new XML APIs planned for the Mac OS X Foundation framework will reportedly allow developers to process, create, or transform any of the many XML-based file formats, web protocols, or representations currently in use today.

In other news, tomorrow Apple is expected to officially kick-start its new Standard and ProCare retail store services, though the full marketing push and integration is not planned till the following week.

Apple CCD Login

Apple CCD Web Interface

According to sources, there will only be a couple of requirements for a customer to be eligible to purchase Apple ProCare service for their existing machines. The CPU for which ProCare is being purchased must be a CPU that is currently repairable by Apple (not an obsolete product), and the serial number of the CPU must be available on the unit itself.

Considering that customers can and will use their ProCare benefits at multiple Apple stores, the company is mandating that all ProCare customers be entered into its Customer Contact Database (CCD) at the time of purchase. A new ProCare module for the Apple CCD will allow customers to redeem their ProCare services by simply supply his or her ProCare card. The system also integrates with a handy customer search option for those customers who lose or forget their physical card.

In-store marketing collateral and advertisements for the new service should start appearing on Apple store displays and fixtures tomorrow, sources said.