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Graphics cards no longer suspect in Apple Power Mac delays

Tardy shipments of new graphics cards from ATI to Apple Computer, once suspected as a potential cause of delay in bringing new Power Macs to market, are no longer a limiting factor, sources tell AppleInsider.

According to the same informants who recently provided a report — which so far appears to be accurate — refreshes to the Power Mac G5 line continue to be held up due to unknown internal issues. Confirmation is lacking, though speculation continues to point to supply or cooling issues surrounding Apple's adoption of IBM's new 90-nanometer PowerPC G5 processor.

ATI reportedly forwarded samples of the new graphics cards to Apple "several weeks ago." The computer company will be using the RV350 and RV360 (Radeon 9600 and 9600XT) chips in the new Power Macs, sources said. There is also a possibility that the high-end Power Mac may utilize the Radeon 9800Pro/XT, but Apple has yet to finalize plans with the graphics chip maker, or discuss upgrade options for build-to-order Apple store customers.

After confirming the most recent wave of delays, sources provided AppleInsider with an updated time-frame for Power Mac revisions. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, AppleInsider will refrain from publishing these details until they can be confirmed. However, it should be noted that a number of larger Apple resellers have received a significant shipment of the current Power Mac G5 offerings over the past week.

Sources also stated that the new Power Macs were being referenced externally as Q77 and Q78, though this has yet to be confirmed.

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