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Exclusive: Apple briefs top resellers on pro product status

During a Web Cast to Apple Specialists today, the company's Senior Director of Channel Sales and Distribution, Jeff Hansen, confirmed that the dual 2.0 GHz X Serves have begun shipping to Virginia Tech to fulfill orders for the university's super computer. AppleInsider also received independent confirmation that select dual Xserve G5 orders had begun shipping out of the company's Sacramento plant, earlier this morning.

In addition to updating resellers on the status of Xserve G5 shipments, Hansen reportedly provided hints that the company would be 'refreshing' many of its professional products during its World Wide Developers conference, set to take place in San Francisco during the final week of June.

Hansen's comments to specialists corroborates previously unpublished information received by AppleInsider over the past several weeks. According to a number of diverse sources, Apple revised its deployment schedule for new Power Mac G5 and associated professional hardware products when implementation issues with new 90-nanometer PowerPC G5 daughter cards hampered plans to update the products by mid-March.

On a related note, sources close to Apple's retail store operations claim that over the past week the stores have received a 'large' re-stock of all current Power Mac G5 and iMac G4 configurations. Prior to the start of Apple's 3rd fiscal quarter, many Apple-owned retail stores were flirting with dangerously low inventory of the desktops.

Further details are pending.