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Inventory update: eMacs and iPods

Apple's all-in-one eMac desktop computer remains in extremely limited supply this month, as the company attempts to fulfill large education orders and compensate for a blunder that has halted sales of its flagship iMac computer.

Demand for the eMac is far exceeding available inventory, though Apple forewarned resellers last month of ongoing supply constraints that would affect both the eMac and iMac product lines until at least mid-July.

While Apple has made an official statement on the fate of the iMac, sources said eMac supply issues could persist into the latter half of the month. Several sources note an increase in eMac orders for education following the delay of the revised iMac line.

Meanwhile, resellers note an ever dwindling supply of 15GB iPods, which Apple appears to be readying for an execution in the coming months. The most reliable information suggests that Apple will unveil a new generation of its iPods in or around September, at which point the company is expected to discontinue the 15GB iPod.

Apple currently faces a number of supply issues affecting the Power Mac G5, eMac, iPod mini, and iMac. Newly announced Apple Cinema Displays have also landed in Apple's bucket of "non-shipping" products, carrying an expected 2 to 4 week waiting period as of this morning. On the other hand, all of the company's laptop offerings are said to be in good supply.

The company is expected to overcome the majority of its supply issues when it begins shipping high end Power Macs and iPod minis in the latter half of the month.