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Apple to retry Pepsi iTunes deal a year later

Five months after Pepsi's advertising agency, BBDO, launched the Pepsi iTunes promotion on the Super Bowl, Apple's ad agency, TBWAChiatDay, has been given a crack re-doing the assignment for the 2005 Superbowl, according to

The effort, slated to break during the game next year, will run through the spring and will cost an estimated $15-20 million in development fees, according to Adweek's sources.

Last fall, Apple and Pepsi announced their historic promotion that aimed to give away 100 million free iTunes song downloads via specially marked yellow Pepsi bottle caps; the promotion never came close. By the end of the arrangement in April, Apple announced that the redemption fell well short of expectations at approximately 5 million free song redemptions.

Although Apple did its part to advertise the iTunes promotion on its web sites, the 100 million song giveaway was largely promoted by a mediocre television spot dubbed "I Fought The Law." The BBDO produced ad featured 16 real-life teenagers who were sued by the recording industry for illegally downloading music from the Internet, showing music fans a new way to freely and legally download music from Apple. The commercial was set to a punk-rock version of "I Fought the Law," which was created by band GreenDay, specifically for the promotion.