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Apple to release Xcode 1.5 this week

Apple Computer yesterday announced to its Apple Developer Connection (ADC) members that it has completed the development of Xcode 1.5, the latest version of its integrated development environment for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.

According to a set of developer notes accompanying the release, Xcode 1.5 includes remote debugging, code completion for Java and AppleScript, subversion source-code control system support and native build system support for AppleScript.

Additionally, sources said the release will pack an enhanced debugger with a memory browser, globals browser, and ability to display file static variables, faster editor performance, Ant templates , documentation bookmarks, and overall speed improvements.

This latest build, 7K571, contains Xcode IDE 389, Xcode Core 387, and Tool Support 372.

Earlier reports indicate that Xcode 1.5 will also include updates to the user interface, code sense, inspectors, building, source code management and file editing.

In 2005, Apple will release Xcode 2.0 as part of its Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger distribution. This second major release of groundbreaking development tools is said to include a visual modeling interface, remote debugging, an integrated Apple Reference Library, 64-bit support, and improvements for Java developers.

Apple has reportedly informed developers that an official release of Xcode 1.5 is expected on Thursday, at which time it will available to both paying and free ADC account holders.

The software is currently being seeded as a full update, distributed in multiple image segments.