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Sources confirm new Apple products next week

Apple Computer is quietly preparing to launch new products next week as it prepares for a major presence at the Apple Expo Paris.

AppleInsider has confirmed through multiple reliable sources that Apple is preparing to unveil new products early next week. The introductions are expected to begin appearing on the company's website as early as Monday evening.

While sources did not provide specifics of the announcements, it's widely expected that Apple will finally introduce its all-new G5 iMac, which has been delayed since late June.

Sources close to the computer maker told AppleInsider last week that the new iMac was complete and awaiting introduction. In addition to previously published descriptions of the new all-in-one desktop, tipsters added that the iMac G5 would sport an aluminum and chrome motif; a scheme consistent with the majority of the company's current hardware offerings.

Apple will reportedly incur significant air-freight charges to fly the new iMacs from manufacturing plants in Asia over to Europe and the United States, in an attempt to flood its retail channels.

So far, there has been no indication of when Apple will begin shipping the iMacs, though sources expect demand to greatly exceed the initial supply of units due to ongoing production issues associated with IBM's PowerPC 970 fx G5 processor. Customers who have their hearts set on an iMac G5 are urged to place orders as soon as the company allows them to do so.

Recent information has also suggested that Apple may be planning to introduce additional products during the Paris expo, but has reportedly engrossed itself and its Europe division in secrecy. Many employees scheduled to be on hand for the expo admittedly remain in the dark this week as to the company's official plans.

Apple made an unorthodox announcement of the new iMac in June and later confirmed that the computer would be based on a G5 processor from IBM. Official statements from the company have indicated that the new models should begin shipping in September.