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Site News: Temporary Insanity, GMail, Apple Expo

Paris Expo & iMac G5 Discussion

In anticipation of the drama surrounding Apple Expo Paris, which has very much already begun, the AppleInsider Moderators are attempting to rekindled the warmth and love that is found only a few times each year in the AppleInsider Temporary Insanity Forum.

More Free GMail Accounts

The AppleInsider Forums are also once again giving away over a dozen Google GMail accounts to new members who register and become active members of the AppleInsider Forums. Winners are chosen at random, each day. Further details are available in the forums.

Coverage, Etc.

For most of us, Apple Expo will take place late this evening/early tomorrow morning. Apple will not be streaming the event live due to excessive costs and odd hours, but a delayed feed is expected to be made available on Apple\'s web site sometime on Tuesday.

An unconfirmed report claims that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will make an appearance at the conference via video.

The availability of Wireless internet access inside the keynote hall remains unknown, and any attempts at live coverage from Phil Schiller\'s opening keynote will be noted on the home page.