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Apple receives new patents for adjustable display, iPod dock

Apple awarded with patents for an updated snake-like adjustable display device and the iPod music player docking station.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office this week issued Apple Computer a second patent for a "display device with a moveable assembly," which was filed on October 3rd, 2003.


The snake-like display arm featured in the most recent patent filing is strikingly similar to an Apple display arm design that was awarded a patent back in April of 2004. The only visible differences between the two is that the latest design appears to feature a slightly thinner tube and is attached to an iMac sporting a pyramid base.


At least two patents that were filed by Apple last year feature sketches of an iMac flat-screen computer with a pyramid base, suggesting that the company may have considered this approach for its third generation iMac before rejecting it in favor of the just-released, behind-the-monitor design.

Apple was also awarded a patent for its 3rd generation iPod docking station. The company filed for this patent on April 25, 2003.