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Apple inventory update: iMacs, iPods in strong demand

Data reveal strong demand for Apple\'s iMac G5 and iPod products as the holiday shopping season kicks off.

PowerBooks and eMacs are approaching the end of their life cycle, recent Apple inventory data has revealed. Stock of both product-lines remains high, while demand for the computers almost ceases to exist. Both products are likely to see refreshes in early 2005, sources said.

Meanwhile, demand for Apple\'s new iMac G5 and iBook G4 is far exceeding the available supply of units. However, the demand for iBooks pales in comparison to the demand for iMacs by an approximate 1 to 5 ratio.

With the exception of the dual 2.5GHz Power Mac G5, Apple has successfully leveled supply and demand for its Power Mac G5 line of computers. The company\'s Cinema Display LCD flat-screens are also approaching an demand/supply equilibrium.

Moving on to music players, source data shows that iPod minis remain very popular as 2004 comes to a close. Demand for all 5 models is strong, led by sales of the silver and blue-colored players. Strong demand for pink, gold, and green models follows, respectively.

And while Apple\'s white 20GB iPods have been met by a supply/demand balance, company\'s black and red U2 iPod is slightly more popular and harder to come by. The remainder of Apple\'s iPod offerings, including the iPod photo, are in high demand, currently exceeding the available supply, sources said.

Today (Nov. 26) Apple is offering over $100 off select iMac G5 models and over $20 off all iPod models and select accessories.