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Apple airs iTunes Canada ads

Ads now appearing on Canadian television networks are advertising a localized version of Apple\'s iTunes Music Store, although the service has yet to open for business.

According to several Canadian residents, ads for a Canadian version of Apple\'s iTunes music download service have been in heavy rotation on network television for approximately two weeks.

\"They look, sound, and feel exactly like current US ads,\" said one viewer. But instead of ending with an the web address, the spots direct viewers to  

The ads began to appear during the third week of November, around the same time Apple was expected to officially extend the service into Canada.

According to unpublished reports, the company began prepping Canadian music labels for the launch of iTunes Canada in early November. The service was reportedly targeted to kick-off mid-month, but appears to have been delayed, slightly.

Earlier this week, Apple reiterated its statement that the Canadian service would launch before the end of the month. Tipsters also claim that this week\'s launch of iTunes Canada could yeild an announcement of iTunes in additional countries, such as Ireland and Australia. However, AppleInsider was unable to confirm these reports with any degree of certainty.

Apple originally planned to open for business in Ireland in October, when it extended its service across Europe. However, plans were stymied at the last minute by a disagreement with the Irish Music Rights Organization.