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Apple postpones Canadian iTunes music store

In an official statement issued today, Apple Computer conceded that it has missed a self-imposed deadline for launcing its iTunes download service in Canada.

Apple Computer has postponed the launch of its iTunes music download service in Canada, according to a company statement provided to Macworld\'s news service on Wednesday.

\"We said that we would launch the iTunes Music Store in Canada by the end of November, but we\'re going to miss this deadline by a bit,\" the company said. \"You\'ll hear from us very soon.\"

During a music related event in October that saw the launch of iTunes in 9 new European countries, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said that the Canadian store would open for business in November.

Apple provided no explanation for the delay, though sources have recently hinted at impending delays that reportedly began mid-month. According to one source, the Canadian iTunes music store was originally scheduled to launch around November 17th.