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Apple employee spouse stages wacky weekend protest

An oversupply of overtime hours at Apple\'s campus literally drove one employee\'s spouse into a frenzy.

According to a Mercury News article published this morning, employees working at Apple Computer\'s campus in Cupertino this weekend received a fringe benefit they weren\'t expecting in the form of a spontaneous protest staged by an employee\'s spouse.

The husband of the unnamed employee, Michael Gough, reportedly dropped through the campus to demonstrate his frustration about the overtime hours he said his wife was required to work at Apple. \"He drove a small car around Apple with a sign reading: \'KAPAO: Kids and Pets Against Overtime.\'\"

\"I was driving around with two teenage boys and a dog,\'\' Gough said, \"and we had a loudspeaker on the car and our basic message was, \'We are kids and pets against overtime, and we\'re here to shout out a message of solidarity to all of you hardworking people at Apple Computer who are working long hours on the weekend during the holiday season.\'\'\'

At one point, a security guard stopped Gough\'s car, but a small crowd of employees nearby were cheering him on.