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Overall iPod sales surge, iPod photo demand mediocre

Sales of Apple\'s flagship iPods are booming in recent weeks, though sources claim the company\'s recently introduced iPod photo is not such a hot ticket.

According to a recent analysis of shipping data conducted by sources close to AppleInsider, Apple Computer\'s 20GB and 40GB iPod digital music players have been met with increasing demand in recent weeks.

Of the two offerings, the 20GB player appears to be the most sought after model, with backorders to the company\'s reseller and distribution channels listing wait times of up to 3 weeks.

On the other hand, the recently introduced 40GB and 60GB iPod photo models appear to be in ample supply, indicating a lesser demand for the higher priced players. Both models are available to ship to all channels within a 24-hour time period.

Data also reveals that iPod mini players are on the verge of scarcity, though Apple appears to have anticipated heightened demand for the blue-colored players. Shipping data indicates slightly better availability of the blue model when compared to the other minis, specifically when customers place orders directly from the company.

Other Apple products in strong demand this holiday buying season include the iMac G5, specifically the 17-inch 1.8GHz model, which is carrying a minimum 1-3 day waiting period, even on direct orders.

An article published in today\'s edition of The Wall Street Journal also notes that iPods are becoming scarce at retailers around the country. The report says that,, and other online retailers are now out of stock and \"Apple is contending with what appears to be an immense demand for the gadget.\"

According to AppleInsider sources, Apple is on pace to sell around 4 million iPods during its holiday fiscal quarter.