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Taiwanese Mac manufacturer Hon Hai atop its game (updated)

Hon Hai, which does business in the United States under the registered trade name Foxconn, retains its title as the \">largest privately owned company in Taiwan, with revenues reaching NT $413.35 billion, reports the DigiTimes.

The overseas electronics manufacturer is one of several companies under contract with Apple, currently manufacturing its Power Mac, AirPort Express, and now Mac mini product lines.

\"Foxconn was also the only company among the top-five Taiwan IT companies to register positive revenue growth in December,\" the publication reports. \"The other members of the top five are Quanta Computer, Asustek Computer, Acer and Compal Electronics.\"

Apple also enlists the services of Quanta, Compal, and Asutek to produce many of its other product offerings. The company contracts Quanta to produce its iMac and iBook products, and has recently used Compal as the manufacturer of some PowerBook models. Meanwhile, Asutek is rumored to be the Taiwanese company responsible for churning out the company\'s new flash-based iPod shuffle player.

It\'s also believed that Apple may soon begin working with yet another Taiwanese manufacturer, AmTRAN, which sources say will manufacture the company\'s \'Asteroid\' breakout box when and if it ever comes to market.