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iPods and cameras to connect directly?

\"There are already plenty of MP3 players on the market, including Apple Computer\'s iPod Photo, that can show digital photos while playing music. But soon, we are likely to see music devices that can \",+iPods+need+to+talk+to+each+other/2100-1041_3-5585795.html\">download and display pictures directly, without using a computer as a go-between.\" At least, that\'s what Gary Johnson, the CEO of PortalPlayer, has told CNet PortablePlayer makes the chip for the iPod and several other hard drive-based music players. Johnson did not specify whether it will be Apple\'s player that adopts the feature, but Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, previously stated that his company believes \"music plus photos is the next \'big thing.\'\" Johnson said his company is also working to make it possible to connect music players to printers.