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QuickTime 7 gains direct audio, video recording

a href=\"\">QuickTime 7.0/a>, due to ship as part of Mac OS X 10.4 \"Tiger,\" has quietly gained direct recording capabilities, according to sources. Two new supporting options, which will be accessible to QuickTime Pro users only, are reportedly labeled \"New Movie Recording\" or \"New Audio Recording.\" Seemingly, any user with a Web cam and/or microphone will be able to tap into the features, sources said. The recording interfaces are accessible through QuickTime Movie Player 7.0 and consist of a standard QT Player window with a single, circular record button. Sources said these capabilities are present in the a href=\"\">most recent build/a> of Tiger. In related news, Apple has reportedly renamed its Graphing Calculator \"Grapher,\" opting not to go with the \"a href=\"\">Graphulator/a>\" moniker it attempted to trademark earlier in the year.