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WebObjects curiously absent from WWDC 2005 agenda

Apple overnight posted to its World Wide Developers Conference Web site information on nearly 90 conference sessions set to take place at the annual Macintosh developers conference this June. The event is slated to host over 140 conference sessions in total, but its unclear if the company will publicly post details of the other 50 sessions due to confidentiality concerns. After reviewing the session lists, a couple of tipsters note the conspicuous absence of sessions covering Apple\'s WebObjects technology. In fact, there is no mention of WebObjects at all. Historically, the WWDC offered at least one session devoted to the Web technology, which makes it easy to quickly develop and deploy Java server applications on Mac OS X. The fate of WebObjects has been in question for some time now. The last known update to the technology came over a year ago, with the last major update dating back even further. Apple currently uses the technology to power its online store and the iTunes Music Store, implying that it will likely live-on in some form. Sources had previously predicted that Apple would introduce version 5.3 of WebObjects alongside the release of Tiger, but recent supporting evidence is lacking. One of the 50 sessions Apple has yet to announce will likely hold the key to the future of WebObjects.