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iTunes Music Store now bundling music videos

Following yesterday's release of iTunes 4.8, Apple has begun bundling videos with some of the music albums available through its iTunes Music Store. As noted yesterday, Apple's iTunes 4.8 digital music jukebox software adds support for video cataloging and playback. So far, the videos on the iTunes store appear to be marketing incentives offered along with the albums. However, tipsters point out that Thivery Corporation'sThe Warning Shots video is being sold along with the tune for a $0.99 premium (combined the tune and video cost $1.98). Meanwhile, the store lists Dave Matthew's Stand Up, which bundles 14 songs, 1 video and 1 Digital Booklet in PDF for $11.99. Unlike the songs, the videos do not contain DRM restrictions and can be transfered to non-authorized computers for playback.