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Reports cite new date for iTunes phone unveiling

Motorola and Apple next month will unveil the much anticipated iTunes enabled cell phone at the V Festival of music in the United Kingdom, according to a couple of reports.

Both Telegraph and All Headline News today published online reports stating the two companies plan to launch the music phone at this summer\'s two-day music festival in Staffordshire —one of the largest in the UK. Neither report cites a source.

The precise date and location for the iTunes phone launch has been a moving target of sorts. According to published reports, Motorola had originally hoped to introduce the phone at CeBIT in March, but a last minute fall-out with wireless providers was rumored to have hampered plans. Since then, countless reports have surfaced, each vouching a new and later date.

This latest reports puts the iTunes phone at the V Festival, which takes place the weekend of August 20th. Adding fuel to the fire are rumors that Virgin Mobile, which sponsors the event, may have decided to support the phone. However, it\'s now believed that there may be two separate versions of the iTunes phone: one that will debut in the UK and the other in the US.

In the US, Apple is rumored to have negotiated a deal with Cingular, the nations No. 1 wireless carrier, to sell a version of the iTunes phone dubbed by Motorola as the \"ROKR.\" A verified authentic image this phone surfaced in recent weeks. Meanwhile, it\'s been reported that Motorola has developed an iTunes-capable E790 phone for the European market.

It remains unclear if the announcements in the UK will coincide with an announcement of the ROKR iTunes phone in the US.