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Eminem iTunes ad airs on network television

Despite its suspicious disappearance from Apple\'s website last week, a new iTunes ad featuring rap superstar Eminem appeared to be in moderately-heavy rotation on network television this past Sunday.

According to tipsters and first-hand accounts, the commercial could be seen several times during Sunday afternoon football on CBS. It also appeared on the Warner Brothers network, reports indicate.

The 30-second spot takes a new three-dimensional video approach to the \"silhouette\" ads popularized in Apple\'s recent iPod television campaigns, combining an iconic effect with music video-style filmography.

While introducing the ad at a special press event last week, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs told the crowd that Apple had been working on the concept for two-and-a-half years.

The ad appeared on Apple\'s website for download immediately following the special event but disappeared within a few hours with no explanation. Rumors then surfaced that Apple had pulled the ad because it was made aware of its similarity to this 2002 Lugz shoe commercial.

It remains unclear precisely why the ad was removed from Apple\'s website.