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Tip: How to make your 2.0GHz MBP order ship this week

First on AppleInsider —While it very well could be a glitch in Apple\'s online store ordering system, tipsters note that custom-configuring a new 2.0GHz MacBook Pro with a 100GB Serial ATA drive @ 7200 rpm (add $100) shaves about three weeks off the estimated wait time. New orders for the MacBook Pro with the drive upgrade are now estimated by Apple to ship in 1-3 business days as opposed to 3-4 weeks for the standard configuration. Due to the way Apple assembles its production lines, there is a slim possibility these estimates are accurate. In a similar situation, observant customers learned over the holiday shopping season that ordering iPods with an engraving allowed them to bypass weeks of backorders for the same models that did not ship with an engraving (standard configurations). Update:Apple has since corrected this glitch.