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Analyst predicts new Macs will arrive without media event

Going against the grain, analysts for UBS Investment Research on Tuesday issued a very brief research note, suggesting new Mac products in the June quarter, but predicting Apple is not likely to hold a special media event to introduce them.

The reliability of the analyst's predictions are currently unknown.

"We continue to believe that Apple will introduce new Intel-based iBooks (important for education) and a larger MacBook Pro in the June quarter," analyst Ben Reitzes wrote. "We forecast Mac units to improve in fiscal third quarter (June) to -1 percent year-over-year from -9 percent year-over-year in fiscal second quarter."

Additionally, the analyst wrote, "We still believe that a new video iPod, download service and new iPods are coming this year by the fall."

Shares of Apple fell over 3 percent (or $2.07) in later afternoon trading to $61.92 as investors reacted to the UBS research note.