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Apple\'s Intel Aperture 1.1 Update pushed back

You win some, you lose some —So far Apple Computer is one-for-two when it comes to meeting a self-imposed deadline on updating its Pro software applications to run on its new Intel Macs, as tipsters report the Aperture 1.1 Universal update has slipped by a couple of weeks.

The update to Apple\'s new professional photography workflow application will offer improved RAW image quality, RAW fine tuning, auto noise compression, a new color meter, enhanced export controls, and dozens of other improvements. But most importantly, it will unleash the software on the company\'s existing and forthcoming Intel-based system.

Apple had previously told customers the Aperture 1.1 Update would be made available in \"March,\" but informed tipsters now say the release has slipped to \"the middle of April.\" The PowerPC version of the software has been a hit with professionals, as analysts reported \"surprisingly strong\" sales during the first month it went on sale.

Although Aperture is a relatively new product —announced in October with the first shipments in November —Apple chose not to defer its release in favor of adding native Intel support. The company is facing off against Adobe Systems, who in January introduced a similar piece of software dubbed \"LightRoom,\" which was designed to lure back its professional audience. LightRoom, however, is still in pre-release condition.

Interestingly, fillings seen by AppleInsider suggests Apple initially had thoughts of naming its Aperture software \"LightTable.\" On a similar account, it also contemplated renaming its Rendezvous technology \"Aloha,\" later settling on \"Bonjour.\"