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Jobs: Apple not under investigation by SEC

Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs spoke publicly for the first time this week about the company's ongoing stock options scandal, saying Apple currently faces no investigations outside of its own internal probe.

"We're mostly focused on our own house right now," Jobs told CNBC in an interview broadcast on Tuesday. "And we're not under investigation by the SEC or anyone else."

"But we did discover —you know with all the press around this —we started our own investigation and we did discover some irregularities and we're letting that investigation have its due course," he said. "And it will be completed in the not too terribly distant future."

Jobs added that Apple is "not really talking about it until that investigation is done," just to give the investigators "the benefit of doing a completely independent investigation."

During the interview, which aired following the Apple's "Showtime" event, Jobs also weighed in with some comments on the seasonality of iPod sales and his expectations for the company's upcoming holiday quarter.

"We have good expectations for how many iPods we're gonna sell next quarter, but we're in unchartered territory," he said. "We've never sold this many of anything before. And so we are learning as we go. But so far we are pretty happy."

Recently, Apple discovered irregularities relating to past stock option grants and said it will likely need to restate its historical financial statements as a result.

Jobs interviewed by CNBC

During the months of July and August, investors on behalf of the company filed several lawsuits in California courts, charging current and former executives and directors with colluding to backdate stock options in order to maximize their profits.

For their part in the matter, analysts on Wall Street have said that Jobs is unlikely to be implicated in the scandal. However, at least one former company executive is reported to have obtained legal council as a result of the matter.