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Nike offers Nike+iPod update, new products and features coming

Nike on Wednesday said runners have combined to log over 1 million miles in the 10 weeks since it teamed with Apple Computer to launch the Nike+iPod Sport Kit for the iPod nano.

The distance is the equivalent to circling the world more than 40 times, the shoe maker said.

Nike releases some user stats

Yesterday, nearly 8,000 people logged runs on —including an almost eight-mile run in New York, two and a half miles in Boston, five miles in Boulder, two miles in Miami, six miles in Nashville, four miles in Phoenix, three miles in Seattle and two miles in Peoria.

Nike said some of the top times so far include: 27 minutes and 43 seconds for a 10k run, and 13 minutes, 47 seconds for a 5k run. Meanwhile farthest total distance achieved by a single runners is reported in excess of 600 miles.

" is fast becoming the world's biggest online running community," said Trevor Edwards, Nike's chief marketing officer. "Nike+ is a new running experience, a new way to train, a new way to connect with other runners, and a new way to bring music and sport together like never before. A million miles in 10 weeks is just the beginning. We're looking forward to the billionth mile."

Announced in May with availability that began in July, the Nike+iPod Sport Kit is a wireless system that allows Nike+ enabled footwear to talk with your iPod nano, connecting runners to a personal running and workout experience. Data on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on the nano and is easily downloaded through iTunes to, a personal service site where runners can track their own progress and challenge other runners.

Nike+iPod Sport Kit

New Nike+ products and features in the pipeline

Also on Wednesday, Nike said it is working to expand its Nike+ product offerings, add functionality on and create original sport music content in the Nike Sport Music section of the iTunes Store. One of the new features that will be added to will be a route finder that will let runners easily map and share their favorite running routes, the company said.

In October, Nike will roll out Nike+ products in additional European markets, including France, Spain, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands, as well as Japan and Australia.

The shoe maker currently offers 12 styles of Nike+ enabled footwear and says more models due out soon.

Apple has sold over 450,000 of the $30 Nike+iPod Sport Kits since the kits were made available in mid-July, the company said last week.