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Apple offers Pro Applications, Final Cut updates

Apple Computer on Tuesday afternoon released a software update for its Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 video editing software and also posted a second update that targets the underlying frameworks and components of many of its other professional software applications.

Pro Applications Update 2006-02 (Universal)

Pro Applications Update 2006-02 (7MB) addresses several issues with underlying frameworks and shared components for Apple’s professional applications. It's strongly recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio 5.1, Final Cut Pro 5.1, Motion 2.1, Soundtrack Pro 1.1, DVD Studio Pro 4.1, LiveType 2.1, Compressor 2.1, Apple Qmaster 2.1 and Final Cut Express HD 3.5

Final Cut Pro 5.1.2 (Universal)

Final Cut Pro Update 5.1.2 (28MB) provides important bug fixes and compatibility updates for certain Canon, Sony, JVC and Panasonic devices. The update is recommended for all Final Cut Pro 5.1 and Final Cut Pro 5.1.1 customers.