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Thieves raid Apple company store for third time

The fleecing at Apple Computer continued this week with the theft of two more iPods and 10 software packages from the company store inside the company's headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

The total estimated value of the latest heist was figured at approximately $4,688, on top of the 11 iPods previously reported stolen from the store.

Over the weekend, thieves stole nine black 80 gigabyte iPods worth about $3,141, according to police reports. The players weren't kept under lock and instead were out on the sales floor, a Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputy said.

About a week earlier, two iPod nanos turned up missing in a shipment to the store from Apple's Elk Grove facility in Sacramento. The deputy said the shipping boxes that should have contained the two silver music players were found crushed.

Thus far, there are no suspects in either of the cases, the Mercury News reported. The store is open to both employees as well as the general public.