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Briefly: Apple's $79 iPod shuffle now shipping

Apple Computer has made good on a promise to begin shipping its second-generation iPod shuffle digital music player during the month of October, tipsters tell AppleInsider.

This past Sunday, a handful of customers who placed orders for the $79 clip-on player through Apple's online store reported receiving shipment confirmations by email and charge verifications to their credit cards.

"Just got an email confirmation this morning that my 2nd gen iPod Shuffle has shipped," said one Apple Store customer. "Delivery is expected by Nov. 3."

The majority of those customers who received shipping notifications on Sunday also claimed to have been some of the first to place their orders after the player was announced on Sept. 12.

"I placed my order immediately after Apple's press event, about 5 minutes after the Apple online store came back online," said one customer.

Apple's second-generation iPod shuffles are shipping directly from the company's manufacturing facilities in China and carry manufacturers part number: MA564LL/A.

The Apple Store continues to list the new player as shipping in October.