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Huge iPhone ad dawns on Apple's 32-foot glass cube [u]

Apple Inc. on Monday transformed its 32-foot glass cube in Midtown Manhattan into a enormous teaser advertisement for its upcoming iPhone handset.

Workers on scaffolds could be seen draping the semitransparent billboard ad down the entire right side of the glass structure that marks the entranceway to the company's flagship retail store on Fifth Avenue, just south of Central Park.

The ad features the now familiar photo of a hand holding the iPhone and the tag line, "Introducing iPhone. Apple reinvents the phone." It's believed to be just one of several intuitive promotional stunts planned ahead of the iPhone roll-out this coming June.

When asked during a recent technology conference about the company's specific marketing plans for iPhone, Apple chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer would only confirm that chief executive Steve Jobs was striving to impress.

"Um, Steve and the team have some great plans but I can't share those with you in advance," he told attendees. "I'm sorry."

Apple Store Fifth Avenue

The Apple Store Fifth Avenue clad in iPhone.

Update: As of Tuesday, Apple has removed the billboard from the south side of the cube. It's unclear when and if it will return.